Jacee Badeaux, I Just Love Him

Jacee Badeaux made the Top 40 in American Idol Season 10, he was sent home on the cut to 24.

I love this kid on so many levels:

1. I agree with Jennifer. He is just SO dang sweet

2. He is adorable, just a really genuine person.

3. He completely discredits the public media persona that say you have to be the “GQ 6 pack ab guy” to get ahead, THANK YOU JAYCEE FOR THAT! TALENT and BRAINS come in all sizes. You are perfect as you are!

4. He is from Louisiana and so am I. Louisiana French (Cajun) ROCK! Great food too :)

5. He is on Ellen and I LOVE Ellen!

6. He can SING, He can SING, He can SING

Watch for this young Artist, you will be hearing MUCH more from him in years to come!

We think you are pretty dang SPECIAL Jacee! Keep it up!